Eva Lysyk has been educated extensively in art in both Germany and the United States. She has 25 years of experience in the Interior Design field in the United States. During this time, she has established three businesses: Better Design by Eva; E.L. Design, Inc. Gallery in Fairfax, Virginia; and EL Interior Design in Maryland.

Presently, she is working in Maryland from her Interior Design Studio. Eva holds an Interior Design degree with a full spectrum in design. Her direction in the design field is a journey of collaborating with clients, contractors and architects to turn dreams and ideas into reality. She is dedicated to creating finished spaces with stylish ideas and beautiful interiors.

Eva’s fundamental principle is to execute a successful design project with varieties of different styles that provide comfort and warmth.

Her European heritage helps her to complement her work with European history, creating rich, luxurious interiors. Her philosophy is: "The primary goal of each project is to create a refined, friendly and sophisticated atmosphere, that incorporates a client's needs and desirable lifestyle".