We believe that the color is a key way to transform our clients’ space and atmosphere. Color has the biggest impact on a room space – it can give us the illusion of a bigger space with the right choices. It transforms the space to a more pleasant mood and its finishes. We also know that it requires from the designer tremendous talent in visualization. Moreover, a talented designer has the vision, with an extended portfolio that shows extensive work with color transformation. Practice makes perfect!

We are passionate and have been intrigued with how light and dark colors can diminish or expose the texture, and design. The color will show strong influences, how color can be powerful in the space.

Choosing the right color and design with faux finishes is a thrilling and challenging process that requires a perfect solution. All depends on light, therefore the right approaches with color are needed in order to create the desired mood, a strong impact and ultimately, transformation. If the color is right, it will give richness, strong statement and power to space. The color will be executed with the best selection of furniture, window treatments, artwork and all surrounding in the space.