We are dedicated to excellence and the uniqueness of our clients' needs. Our core principles are based on listening to our clients by developing a strong working relationship. We aim to help our clients incorporate livability by analyzing their needs. Our design philosophy is based on helping to stretch the client's imagination with the great finishes and ideas that transform the their lifestyles. Each project uses a graceful, interesting variety of materials in harmony, resulting in an understated elegance, a sense of comfort and a soothing atmosphere. The great design is a collaborative effort with the client setting the direction of entire the project. Together with the client, we will create comfort, style, and uniqueness reflecting the client's personal lifestyle. Therefore, the good design is based on listening and analyzing. Most importantly, we work as a team with a comfortable and healthy atmosphere to create wonderful living spaces for our clients.


Our design service prides itself on our attention to every detail. The main goal is to complete the entire room - thus, we always are breaking projects into several stages. The investment in our service is a design fee in conjunction with a finished and custom-made product tailored to the client's budget. Undoubtedly, each project requires different stages of assigned contractors, architects, artists and tradespeople. EL Interior Design will recommend reputable services to ensure we achieve the desired outcome. We recommend insured, licensed contractors, architects and highly established workrooms. Moreover, our work has helped us to establish many accounts in the furniture industries, and we have developed relationships with a wide range of tradespeople. We use our expertise with priorities to our clients. This collaboration helps us to focus effectively on creating comfortable, informative processes for our clients, where we can enhance their homes and lifestyle. Our projects bring variety within residential and commercial designs.